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A good education is one of the most important gifts you can give to your child. In the highly competitive environment of grammar school entrance tests, 11 Plus Tutors understand the importance of finding an experienced, quality tutor. At 11 Plus Tutors, we will help you make the right decision about your child’s educational future whether it’s preparing for exams or key stage 2 and tailor our services to meet your child’s needs. Our online tuition offers variety of ways to teach our students online.

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The 10 & 11 Plus Exams


This exam is a grammar school entrance exam that is sat at the start of year 6. It is called the 11 Plus because the age at which pupils start grammar school is 11.
Most children will be 10 years old when they sit the 11 Plus exam. There are 164 grammar schools in England.

One-to-One Tuition

private tuition

We consider one-to-one tuition to be by far the most effective way for a pupil to learn. The progress one pupil can make in a matter of weeks can be immense.

There are a number of reasons why it works so well.

Mock Exams & Writing Skills


Sometimes even highly able pupils fail the 11+ exam. One reason for this is lack of exam practice in exam conditions. We offer 6 11 Plus mock exams during the summer to prepare pupils for the real giving them competitive environment of 11 Plus tests.

11 Plus Directors

Christopher Niyazi

Curriculum Director

Christopher graduated from the University of Essex in 2008 and was awarded a PGCE from the Institute of Education, London, in 2010. Since then he has taught in a school in Essex and two schools in the North West, in addition to delivering high quality 11 Plus tuition.

Christopher has worked as a teacher, examiner, line manager and subject leader and is committed to developing and improving teaching and learning methods. He has written and marked 11 Plus exams and mark schemes and he is active on Twitter (#edutwitter), where he shares resources and ideas. He now provides 11 Plus tuition and support for homeschooling families across Cheshire and Manchester.

Thomas Harnell

Director of English

Thomas studied at the Universities of Warwick and Durham, where the CEM 11 Plus test was developed. He has a PGCE and has worked as a teacher since 2009. He has also been an examiner and professional mentor, overseeing initial teacher training at his school.

Since 2016, Thomas has acted as a consultant at the University of Manchester, interviewing prospective trainee teachers. He is now a senior teacher at his school. His results have consistently been far above national averages and he develops high quality resources and curriculum plans for English and creative writing.

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