Heading back into the classroom

The summer holidays have come to an end across the country and schools are reopening their doors at the beginning of September. During the holidays’ children have been able to spend time with family and friends going on adventures, in near and far away places. These adventures help to shape their minds and learn in a different atmosphere. This time is also spent reflecting on the past year at school, helping children to recharge and reflect on their time spent learning and making friends at school. With a new school year starting in September children are getting ready to embark on new adventures in the classroom.
Heading back into the classroom after six weeks away can be daunting for children. Once a child becomes familiar with their new routine for school the enjoyment of school overrides any daunting feelings. The enjoyment of school a child has helps in the opening of their minds to learning. The more open a child’s mind is to learning the more enjoyment and knowledge will be gained.

For some this year will be their final year in primary school, a time spent preparing for a new start in secondary school. To ensure your child’s place in a highly regarded grammar school, preparing your child for the 11 plus exam is a must. By bringing in a qualified tutor you’re helping to make your child familiar with the type of entry exams for grammar schools. Having this helping hand will improve the likelihood of your child excelling in their secondary school education.

While school children are looking forward to their next break in the school year, their parents are helping to ensure that their future is bright.
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September 12, 2019