Intensive Maths Booster Course

Our intensive maths booster course is a challenging maths programme made up of intensive sessions, designed to enable bright children to develop and improve their maths skills. Children will learn how to solve and complete highly complex worded maths problems, which are increasingly used in both state and independent grammar school entry examinations.

Our intensive maths booster course is aimed at children who are working above their year group in maths. The children will be presented with problems and shown how to solve them. They will then have a great deal of intensive practice in solving similar problems, with help and support provided throughout. All state and independent grammar school entrance exams include a maths section. The more difficult questions require rigorous knowledge and ability to use arithmetic and a skilful ability to understand and contextualise complex word problems. It is not enough to be good at maths. Children must also be confident with worded mathematical problems if they are to succeed in grammar school entrance exams. The Eleven Plus Tutors in Manchester Intensive Maths Booster Course is the best way to develop the skills necessary to confidently tackle the most challenging exam questions.

What is Covered in the Sessions?
Session 1 (Long Multiplication, Long Division and Decimal Problems) – This session will begin with some warm-up questions focusing on long multiplication and division involving whole and decimal numbers. Then children will see some challenging place value problems and be shown how to work them out. They will then have a go at solving them themselves with help and assistance from staff throughout. These challenging questions are a common feature of state and independent grammar schools alike.

Session 2 (Percentage Problems) – This session comprises a full and detailed look at all types of percentage problem. There are tasks on calculating percentages of numbers, calculating percentage increases and reductions, finding the original price before a percentage increase or reduction, finding the percentage increase or reduction, converting percentages to fractions and several worded percentage problems.

Session 3 (Simultaneous Equations) – Children are expected to have at least some basic knowledge of algebra in order to take part in this class. It starts off with a recap of some basic algebra before moving into simultaneous equations. They will be shown how to solve them and then they will have a great deal of intensive practice. The final part of the session will give them thorough practice with worded problems.

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