Intensive Writing Course

Our creative writing courses comprise a number of intensive sessions, which offer your child the opportunity to improve his or her writing skills through a range of activities and learning methods. The emphasis is on helping children to think imaginatively and to come up with their own original ideas, whilst also writing to a strong standard using effective planning and structure.

Our creative writing courses are aimed at children who will complete a creative writing task as part of their 11 Plus exam. Several independent grammar school entrance exams include a creative writing task. Creative writing requires certain knowledge. It is one thing to be able to express yourself and narrate stories, but it’s another thing to write creatively with the right vocabulary and detail to back them up. The Eleven Plus Tutors in Manchester Creative Writing Course is the easiest way to learn the right techniques in order to successfully write in a manner that creates loyal, returning readers that will want to read more of your work.

What is Creative Writing?
Creative writing is the art of writing in a way that attracts an audience and creates a relationship with the reader. It should be original and expressive, yet there are guidelines which must be followed in order to spark an interest in those reading it.
Imagination is the first step in creative writing. Whether you’re expressing a feeling or a thought, imagination is essential. A news article, for instance, is not a piece of creative writing because it only presents factual information, rather than evoking feelings in the reader or expressing the writer’s thoughts or emotions. While both can be entertaining, a news article is solely informational, rather than creative. Some examples of creative writing are:

• Poetry
• Plays, movies, and television scripts
• Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories)
• Songs
• Speeches
• Memoirs
• Personal essays

In addition, creatively written texts are not always works of fiction. Memoirs and personal essays, for example, are non-fiction works. These can be classed as creative writing because they allow the writer to write in the first person, which gives the writer the chance to write expressively, creatively and excitingly about their lives.

11 Plus and Independent School Entrance Exam Creative Writing Techniques
One of the benefits of attending an independent school writing course is the opportunity to learn the 12 techniques that are key to successful creative writing. Below is a list of the most common creative writing techniques that will give character to the work:

• Character development
• Plot development
• Vivid setting
• Point of view
• Underlying theme
• Dialogue
• Anecdotes
• Similes and metaphors
• Heavy description
• Emotional appeal
• Figures of speech
• Imaginative language

The 11 Plus Creative Writing course won’t just teach your child basic writing skills. We have created this grammar and independent school writing course to give our pupils insight into deep and imaginative creative writing. The course involves practising tried and tested methods which enable your child to excel amongst their peers and find inspiration in real life rather than being stuck and abandoning their passion and talents altogether.