Manchester Mock Exams

Our mock exams are a powerful opportunity for your child to improve their performance in 11 Plus exams in real, timed exam conditions. We run two sets of 11 Plus papers:

Our CEM mock papers have the same layout as the real CEM papers and test the skills in the real exam (comprehension, verbal reasoning, maths and non-verbal reasoning). They are ideal for children who wish to attain places at Altrincham Grammar School, Sale Grammar School, Urmston Grammar School and Stretford Grammar School. We do not run GL mock papers, but the exam format and skills tested are the same as the CEM exam and we recommend children who will take a GL exam to sit the CEM mocks. These mocks run from July to September each year.

Our independent school mock papers are entrance examinations similar to those used by independent schools as a way to test applicants. They test the full range of skills covered in 11 Plus exams across Manchester (comprehension, writing, verbal reasoning, maths and non-verbal reasoning). These tests include varied and challenging questions which give children the opportunity to display their logical thinking, creativity and imagination. If your child prepares for the independent school 11 Plus exams thoroughly, they will have developed their most important skills and knowledge and be in a strong position to succeed in their first year at secondary school. These mocks run from November to January each year.

Each candidate will complete two mock papers in each sitting. Unfortunately, no audio soundtrack will be available.
Candidates should arrive promptly for 9:45am. Exams are scheduled to begin at 10am and end at 12:20pm.


Children are encouraged to wear full school uniform and must bring the following equipment in a clear plastic bag:
⦁ 3 sharp pencils
⦁ 2 black pens
⦁ 2 rulers
⦁ 2 rubbers
⦁ 2 sharpeners


Exams are held at: Birch Community Centre, Brighton Grove, Manchester M14 5JT

Worried that your Child Will be Nervous?

Our mock exams are an opportunity to enable your child to become confident in exam conditions. No-one likes the idea of sitting an exam and for children it can be a very distressing process, especially if the exam will impact their future.

If you hope for your child to attend a grammar school, then they will have to sit an 11 Plus exam. As the exam day approaches, worry and nerves can take hold and they may make errors in their exam, simply because they are nervous.

So, what can you do? We believe your child will have a stronger chance if they sit mock exams, because they improve confidence through experiencing what real exam conditions look and feel like.

Our Mock Exams Package in Manchester

We assist parents in taking control of their child’s academic path, ensuring they get the best start in life. We want to ensure that children get the opportunity to improve their self-confidence, which hopefully will improve their chances in future.
In order to do this we have put together our exams package. These take the form of 11 Plus mock exams in Manchester, which not only help your child to prepare for the type of questions that they will be asked, but also prove to be a useful revision tool.
We recommend parents encourage children to sit their mock exams in the same way they would do at school, as controlled conditions are often difficult for children to abide by. Furthermore, it will also help them to improve their focus without becoming distracted.

Value for Money

At Eleven Plus Tutors in Manchester, we ensure the quality and high standard that we deliver. This means you can trust in the value of your investment. Your child can take their tests on a Saturday before being able to revise and improve any key areas during the week. This will help them retain the information and skills they have learnt and get used to being in exam conditions.
The mock exam service from Eleven Plus Tutors in Manchester is something that you should invest in. It can help with your child’s future and give them valuable experience in sitting exams. In addition, it will boost their confidence. It will also help with understanding of key subjects and be useful for revision.
You, the parent, will have peace of mind that your child has the best opportunity to improve their future chances and that they have the best chance to get a grammar school place, which can help kick-start their later stages of education and their careers.’

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