One to One Private Tuition

We consider one-to-one private tuition to be by far the most effective way for a pupil to learn. The progress one pupil can make in a matter of weeks can be immense.  There are a number of reasons why it works so well:

  • Pupils feel more confident when they have the full attention of a specialist who assesses their skills such as in Maths and English.
  • No distractions for the pupil when they study one-to-one private tuition.
  • The tutor can offer their full lesson time to one pupil alone, helping them to learn faster via private tuition.

We will first assess your child, then create a personalised action plan in order to maximise their chances of success in the 11 Plus exam. Our private tutors draw on a wide range of teaching methods. Pupils find our approach caring, enjoyable and highly motivating. All our tutors are DBS checked and qualified.

If you would like more information or to request a private tutor, please get in touch with us today to see how we can improve your child’s learning skills in various topics including Maths tuition and English tuition.

private tuition

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