Year 1-4 Entrance Exams

Are you considering registering your child for an early entrance examination?

Many parents choose to enter their children into grammar schools before year 6, meaning they will sit their examination in the January of the academic year before they want to start at the school. These examinations are informally known as ‘7+’, ‘8+’… exams. Entrance examinations in these early years can be very competitive, sometimes involving hundreds of children competing for a handful of school places.

Your child may be tested on English (comprehension, writing, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and grammar), mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Some schools will not test the latter two elements.

Our team of expert tutors specialise in entrance examinations taken while the child is in primary school. We offer a tried and tested tutoring approach which ensures your child covers all the material needed to succeed in their entrance examination, which will be much harder than what they come across at school.

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